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Ann Smith



Ann Smith



Ann Smith is a native of New Jersey and worked as a bookkeeper for forty years.


In 1972 until 1975 she started to oil paint as a hobby while divorced.


In 1976 she remarried and started a blended family with her three children, and her husband’s three children. She did not have time for her art hobby.


She moved to Florida in 1984.  When she retired in 2009 her daughter requested that she repaint a reproduction of Christina’s world by Andrew Wyeth that she had painted and sold for $25.00 to buy food while she was a divorced parent.


That sparked her passion to paint portraits of her thirteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren.


She is self taught with a lot of help from You Tube and studying Dick Zimmerman’s painting style.


She is a member of Century Village Art club, and has had a Gallery show at Century Village featuring her portraits.


She is a volunteer at the Horizon Club in Deerfield Beach FL, where she has established an art workshop for their elderly residents.