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  Catherine Shapiro



Catherine Shapiro is a native Californian who has adopted Coral Springs as her new home.  Her journey as an artist began as an escape from the everyday stresses of life.  

However, it soon became much more than that! Through their creation, she realized the artist is actually inviting the viewer to see everything in a different “light.”

Catherine works in many different types of media, including pastel.  Acrylic is a personal favorite, because of its warmth, spontaneous nature and color. She has been fortunate to have sold several pieces over the years from her home based studio, CMS Creations Gallery. 

In October 2012, Catherine decided to place her Gallery on Facebook.  In an even greater effort to share her work with others, she became a proud member of the Coral Springs Artist Guild.

By March 2013, two of Catherine’s paintings appeared at the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts.

This webpage is an important step in the sharing process.  Watch out for more special events, shows and exhibits ... the Coral Springs Museum show and our special Library exhibit are coming up fast!

If you wish to purchase one of Catherine’s Creations, or to see the artist in person ... please contact her as soon as possible. Viewing hours are by appointment only; call the number below, text or write before your visit.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Catherine “Cathy” Shapiro


CMS Creations Gallery

12120 W. Sample Rd.

Coral Springs, Florida 33065


Mobile: 954 682-0575

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Great News …. And Upcoming Events


Catherine is delighted to be participating in the Guild’s Northwest Library Members Show in August. Join her at the Artist’s Reception August 10th!

In the month of November, Catherine will exhibit her work in a unique setting. The show is a combined effort, called Artworks ADL:Justice Advocacy and Art!

This event is being organized by the Anti-Defamation League, Florida Region. This year, they are celebrating ADL’s 100th year of dedication and service.  Click on the photo below to find out more about the work of the Anti-Defamation League’s mission. 

On the Web …The event’s website is live and everyone is invited to check out Catherine’s artist profile. This event showcases some incredible talent. 

Find it on Facebook… Starting in August, Artworks ADL will be featuring two artists every week on their facebook page.  Visit LIKE their page… and spread the word! 

Twitter … For those of you on Twitter, please follow the event at



Upcoming Events in May

Join Catherine in the battle against cancer! She has donated “MT Sinai”, a framed pastel painting, toward the fundraising efforts of a Team in The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Tamarac/North Lauderdale.  The Relay will take place at Millennium Middle School at 5803 NW 94th Ave, in Tamarac at 6:00 PM. Tickets are being sold through May 18th! Contact the artist for details. Learn more about Relay for Life at



The Coral Springs Artist Guild's April Open Juried Competition opened Tuesday April 9th in the Museum with an Artist's Reception. Congratulations to all the Competition’s winning artists and participants! I’m grateful for the opportunity and delighted to be on exhibit with such a talented group. The Lobby Gallery’s exhibit runs until April 28th. — Artistically yours, Catherine



Coral Springs Festival of the Arts Demonstration, Finished painting

I have always been fascinated by certain concepts. These ideas invite us to see ourselves and others in a different way. Faith, the belief in something Greater than ourselves, is only one of those ideals. Because of this, my work includes themes from many faith traditions. This synagogue is located in San Francisco.


You can use my Facebook Page to participate in the Special Project that began with this painting. It will include works inspired by Divine places from all over the world!