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Marty Levin


Marty Levin is an accomplished local artist whose intricately detailed miniature buildings, fabric artwork, paintings, flags, and Judaica grace homes, businesses, and houses of worship.

His incredibly detailed miniature buildings, individually designed & carved, with each brick, stone, doorknob, and stained-glass window hand painted, include historic and current buildings.

Marty’s Kristallnacht series takes his miniature world to a new level, as, following extensive research, he painstakingly recreates a world devastated and decimated by the Nazis, meticulously recreating synagogues destroyed by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Shoah.

“In a way, the synagogues the Nazis destroyed were a part of our souls. They not only represent
the people who died, they represent the accomplishments they had during their lives.
The synagogue that were destroyed were often masterpieces… beautiful works of architecture,
as well as centers of the communities where children and adults learned, weddings were held,
holidays were celebrated. In a tiny way I get to bring these synagogues back to life with my artwork.
I want people to look at my synagogues and remember
the life these communities had, not just the deaths they suffered. “

Marty also creates unique Judaica including stunning “mizrachs” acrylic paintings - often fused with gold dust - based on the "carpet pages" of antique religious works;
and Ketubahs (traditional wedding contracts).

Marty’s Kristallnacht series has been displayed at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, the Baltimore Jewish American Festival, and other venues, and is currently scheduled for display at the Old City Jewish Art Gallery in Philadelphia in August. His Baltimore series has had a year-long run at Van Gough’s Café in Baltimore and is currently scheduled for exhibit at the Highlandtown Gallery in September and October. His flags have appeared in the Hollywood movie "Taps" and the television mini-series "George Washington.”

Specific pieces can be commissioned. Mizrachs can be painted to include family names (his L’dor v’dor mizrach includes grandparents, their children, and grandchildren) or meaningful quotes. Ketubahs can be personalized with both names and artwork. Your home, business, or favorite building can be made in miniature. And, of course, if the synagogue your grandparents attended was destroyed on Kristallnact or at any other time, it can be recreated.

To see more of Marty’s work, or request a unique, customized piece for yourself,
visit Marty’s website at
or call Marty at 484 995-0998.