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Rosemary Celenski



Artists statement:
Rosemary Celenski (Bio)

I always liked to draw and paint.  I am originally from New York and have been in Florida since 1992.  I took some courses in high school and college but only occasionally had time to enjoy my hobby while I was raising a family.  In the past few years I have rekindled my desire to paint.  I work primarily in oils and acrylics but I have added some watercolor to the mix. 


My initial works have been portraits of animals.  I have been commissioned to paint a number of dogs and cats.  I also paint landscapes, seascapes and some portraits. 


When a painting is completed it makes me want to keep doing more.  I have a passion for it now.  I am looking to further develop my style and I look forward to working with the Coral Springs Artist Guild. 














Sea Scape




















Cats & Dogs

































Mix Media